Rhee’s DC Leaves Students Failing Miserably

Michelle Rhee and Kaya Henderson’s work in DC’s schools have left students failing miserably, according to citywide tests results. Rhee’s tactics of mass firings, school closures, salary increases based on state exams and charter school openings have proven to be exceptionally unhelpful. Rhee is a huge proponent on accountability. Who will hold her accountable for all of her failed goals?

I think it’s quite Michelle’s attitude while in D.C. was disgusting.¬†She was pompous and narrow minded in her approach. If she said, “I don’t know if what I’m doing is right, but I think we need to make some different and radical changes, in order to see a positive change in a decades-long defunct school system,” than maybe I would feel like she actually tried to genuinely make the right decision for the students of D.C.