New SAT: Harder for Students Who Don’t Read

The College Board has come up with a new SAT that will make its debut during the March 2016 test date. One highlight of the new exam is that there will be an increase in the critical reading and vocabulary students will have to take on. The test is now more aligned with what students are learning in school, which is only fair and should have been the case shortly after the Common Core was put in place. Experts says that students who read different texts the vary in difficulty, early and often, will have a better time with the new test than students who don’t.

My questions: What will school districts do to better prepare students for this exam? How can pre-high school teachers start now.? It’s hard to make a lot of changes to college prep because most large districts are struggling to hold onto resources, teachers being the most important. I have not read/taken the exam, but it seems more practical and builds more skills than the current SAT. Students should be reading more and challenged to think critically regardless if it is for a college entry exam or not.

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